Waiting out in Vegas

By Dave Spencer

Undefeated junior-middleweight prospect Adam Trupish is slowly getting things in order, new management, a new trainer and what he hopes will soon be a new contract with a new promoter.

But with every new event, comes a period of adjustment for the two-time Olympian including a new training home.

“Usually when I go for a run, it’s around 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning, I’m by myself, it’s peaceful. But I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s action packed. It’s different, a change of pace for sure, weird people out walkin’, talkin’, arguing, it’s a different scene to say the least.”

Welcome to Vegas baby!

Except this isn’t the Las Vegas most of us know from get-away vacations or junkets. No late nights at the poker tables. No gorging at all-you-can-eat buffets. No opulent suites overlooking the neon skyline.

In fact Trupish found himself in staying a weekly rental when he first arrived and the facility was everything you could ever imagine.

“I had the cops come to room two times banging on door,” Trupish tells FightNews explaining the boys in blue should have been at the same brand motel across the street.

First order of business? Find a new place to stay.

“I just moved into a condo,” the Alberta fighter acknowledges, “It’s two blocks from the gym so it works out perfect for me. I just moved in so I’m laying in an empty room, but I’m slowly getting it livable.”

But while Trupish is slowly getting his new Vegas digs in order, he is presently pacing around them like a Siegfried tiger, waiting to get back into the ring. “It’s driving me nuts. My coach has been holding me back, he doesn’t me to peak too soon before everything is solidified. I’m just trying to stay sharp and ready to turn things up when the phone call comes.”

For a fighter that has been out of the ring since March, Trupish wants to see dividends for his efforts. “It’s a big sacrifice for me to come here, it’s lonely, the highlight of my day is those few hours in the gym. I’m by myself all day and I can’t wait until something gets put into stone, until then it’s just the usual boxing waiting game.”

Holding the process back has been the remnants of Hurricane Sandy that hit in the middle of negotiations with potential new promoter Greg Cohen. “I went through the change in management and restructuring earlier this year. My old manager was also my coach so we had to go out looking for a coach and we hooked up with Eddie (Mustapha Muhammad). We haven’t signed with him (Greg Cohen) yet. During negotiations hurricane Sandy happened and set things back. I think they’ve met up within the last few days so I’m just waiting on some news, just waiting for something to happen.”

In the meantime Trupish waits. And waits. His name has been tied to a number of rumours as the process works it way out. “I hear the rumours but at the end of the day when everything is said and done we’ll take it more seriously.”