Alcine bout scrapped for Friday

By Dave Spencer

Dropping down in weight often proves costly to a fighter, Thursday in Montreal former world junior-middleweight champion Joachim Alcine (33-3-1 19KO) tipped the scales at 151.6 pounds, the lightest he’s been in over ten years and paid dearly with the cancelation of his scheduled eight round fight with David Toribio (19-14 12KO) who came in heavy at 162.4 pounds, well above the contract weight that had been adjusted upwards a couple of times to accommodate the Florida fighter.

Promoter Yvon Michel tweeted news of the cancelation Thursday evening stating that 10.8 pound weight differential exceeded the 10 pounds that is permitted by the Quebec Commission. ABC guidelines recommend 7 pounds but ABC President Tim Lueckenhoff told FightNews that it is only a guideline for Commissions governing the fight. Washington State for matters of comparison allows 11 pounds.

Alcine who held the WBA 154 title in 2007 has maintained he can still make welterweight despite recently campaigning at the middleweight level. A high level local tilt against rising star David Lemieux netted the Haitian born fighter a win, a belt and a WBC ranking that he cashed in when he lasted less than a round against Matthew Macklin last September.

Alcine though was telling all that would listen as far back as his victory against Lemieux that welterweight was not only do-able but much preferred. Many were sceptical but Alcine believed putting words into action may land a future fight with tomorrow’s headliner and rising star Kevin Bizier.

“That’s the exact fight that I want,” Alcine told FightNews after stepping off the scales. “I gave Lemieux the advantage with the weight, I came on the scale at 156, when the fight was for 160. I moved up and even though I was still light. No it’s time for them to return the favour, they haven’t done any favours for me. I’m moving down to 147 so I can meet him at 147, it’s not as if he’s coming up. If they say the fight can’t happen now it’s because they’re scared.”

Alcine who did not know at the time that his fight was going to be cancelled was eager to get back into the ring in hopes of getting the fight with Bizier when he spoke with FightNews. “Tomorrow, I’m fighting a big guy, he’s over 160,” said the fighter who certainly seemed to have bent over backwards to accommodate his opponent. “He was complaining that he was three pounds overweight and I told them I’m not taking his 20%, I’ll take 10%, I’ll give him the other ten. Then he was still complaining still and I said give him back his 20% and I’ll fight him at 157. Then he comes on the scales and he’s 11 pounds heavier so at the end I said I’ll take 10%, I’ll cut off 10%. Then the Federation stepped in and said they didn’t care, it was 20%, and if he didn’t fight, they would put sanctions on him and suspend him.”