Bence changes gears

By Matt Casavant
Photo Herby Whyne

The only other fighter present at the public workout was GYM heavyweight prospect Didier Bence (6-0, 2KOs) who will be fighting American Joey Dawejko (7-1-2, 3KOs) in a six round battle. It was the first time the media got a glimpse of Bence since he started working with former Steve Molitor trainer Chris Johnson in Ontario.

Bence formerly known as “Big Daddy” made sure that the media was aware of his new alias by shouting confidently “I’m Big Body now”. A new found bravado in Bence was noticeable and the change of scenery appears to have revitalized him somewhat: “The training was awesome; I trained with Chris for a month. We watched tapes all day, I’m chilling with Chris, I’m going home with him watching tapes, studying,” detailed Bence. When asked about his reasoning for leaving his previous trainer Marc Ramsay in favour of Chris Johnson, Bence was quick to point out that the decision wasn’t personal and that he is still friends with Marc, “I need somebody who can push me hard to my limit, that’s why I went with Chris Johnson,” explained Bence.

What differences can we expect from Bence style wise when he enters the ring Friday night? “It’s going to be completely different, I’m not a new guy but my style, you know my style I love to move, I like to box, on my feet on my toes more subtle use my jab, I have a great jab I got to be smart in there to not get hit, especially in the heavyweight division, you can’t get hit like that”, (a reference to his last fight in which Bence was badly hurt in the 1st round.) It will be interesting to monitor Bence’s progression under Johnson and Friday night should be a good barometer as he is in tough versus Dawejko.