Bizier/Ramsay handle change up


Late changes in opponents have always been part of boxing, but when undefeated Kevin Bizier was faced with a change from a tall lanky southpaw to an orthodox fighter who was four inches shorter, thirteen years senior and a former unified world champion who to this point in his has refused to let up, you can call it a major change, you can call it a tall order but trainer Marc Ramsay believes his charge is ready for the challenge.

Bizier faces veteran 5’7″ Nate Campbell tonight after preparing for 5’11” left-hander John O’Donnell who dropped out less than two weeks ago. But the important thing according to the trainer is that he is prepared, better prepared than he has been to this point in his career. “The most important part of the transition is that he’s never had a training camp like this before,” said Ramsay who often has as many as six boxers on a single card but tonight is working solely with Bizier. “It’s the first time in a couple of years I only had a couple of boxers in the gym and I had a lot of time to just be with him and focus on Kevin. We did a very good training camp and his physical shape was very good and at the end of the day it was easy to come back to an orthodox boxer than it would have been to do the opposite.

“For sure there is some adjustments. We have to run a few coordination exercises to make sure Kevin reprograms his brain but in Montreal we have a lot of guys who have a similar style as Nate Campbell that we can use for sparring to make sure Kevin realizes what he is going to face in there Friday night.”

Campbell who turns 41 in a month looked as if he was definitely on the back nine after losing four of five after a failed attempt at a WBO title ended early and was ruled a no contest. “He looks like he’s still in great shape, he looks like a guy who takes care of his body,” said Ramsay, “He doesn’t look like a guy who is forty and he still has a very big right hand you have to be careful of. He just surprised two prospects last year; he’s the type of fighter you have to be focussed on at all times. You have to be ready for everything while trying to impose your style and your fight.”

Campbell has always been a bit of an enigma inside the ring, sticking his chin out against Robbie Peden for a free shot and paying the price. Being written off only to come back and win the unified lightweight championship. Losing all three belts on scales in his first defence after being two pounds over and then winning the fight anyway. Losing four of five and then beating two prospects in their hometowns, he can be a hard man to figure out at times.

“It’s the same thing in the ring,” said Ramsay, “He can bring everything or you never know if he’s going to be at his best and not be there. If you look at his last couple of performances he was a lot more stable. Even when he lost to Danny Garcia, he provided excellent opposition. I think it’s a good step up. He may have lost a little bit of speed but he still has the same power he did years ago and he just finished knocking out Victor Cayo in his hometown.

“He’s the kind of guy who can surprise a prospect if he’s not well prepared, but we’re well prepared.”