Bute vs Pascal?
10 out of 10 says Larouche

By Matt Casavant

Waves were made over the weekend when Interbox president & Lucian Bute promoter, Jean Bedard made it known via his twitter account that Bute (31-1, 24KOs) was ready to challenge Jean Pascal (27-2-1, 16KOs) at anytime. This sparked headlines largely due to the fact Interbox had rarely if ever acknowledge in the past the possibility of a Bute-Pascal fight, one that has been mauled over by fight fans in this province and country for quite some time now.

It’s also been announced that Lucian Bute will be fighting on the undercard of the Pascal-Dawson light-heavyweight championship rematch May 25th at the Bell Centre. Bute’s next opponent is unknown at the moment, however one name that has been mentioned as a potential candidate is the veteran Sakio Bika (31-5-2, 21KOs), who Bute defeated back in 2007 via decision. In fact Jean Bedard and Bute’s trainer Stephan Larouche were in attendance this past Saturday in Atlantic City, in part to witness the Sakio Bika-Nikola Sjekloca (25-1,7KOs) Super Middleweight WBC Final eliminator showdown. Bika emerged victorious with a convincing albeit boring beatdown over Sjekloca, presumably rendering the thought of a Bute-Bika rematch less enticing for the boxing powerhouse HBO network.

Figthnews.ca caught up with Stephan Larouche last week prior to the Bika-Sjekloca fight, as Larouche raved glowingly about the possibility of a Bute-Pascal fight happening sometime in the future...

Fightnews: On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rank a potential Bute-Pascal fight happening sometime down the road?

Larouche: 10 out of 10! I think if you look at Jean Pascal, you look at Carl Froch, when they fought it was a really good fight, I think Froch got the edge by the end of the fight and I think if there’s no Carl Froch (rematch), who would people like to see and who would Luican like to fight? No one else than Jean Pascal. Even here in Montreal, big show, big setup. Lucian would love to do it!

Fightnews: So the fight fans in this province can finally expect a Bute-Pascal fight to come to fruition?

Larouche: I think that if Lucian fights Jean Pascal in Quebec, boxing will win; boxing will be the winner out of it. It’s going to be bigger than our sport, it’s going to be the talk of the town, it’s going to be huge, amazing! I don’t know if the Bell Centre is going to be big enough, maybe the Olympic Stadium. It has to be well promoted and I think it would be an amazing fight, maybe one fight, maybe a rematch, maybe a rubber match!

Fightnews: Any part of you hoping Bute can shut up some of the criticism Pascal has given him?

Larouche: Well you know Jean likes to talk and this is Jean’s trademark. You have to respect that he’s always been like this; he’s that type of guy. Lucian is a quiet man which makes it an even better fight, a better promotion.

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