Bute ready anytime

By Dave Spencer

After being on the backburner for the better part of their careers, the wheels of a potential clash between local rivals and former champions Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute have been suitably greased to the point where the mega-fight will take place sooner rather than later. “We’ve not signed any contracts yet, I haven’t seen any numbers. How close is it? This is between the promoters right now.”

The former IBF super-middleweight champion and his Interbox promoters tried to put the brakes on and slow down what has become a runaway train with a May 25th bout between the Romanian born Bute and former WBC light-heavyweight champion Jean Pascal. “Right now we’re just hearing numbers, (Pascal’s promoter) Yvon (Michel) is mentioning numbers, 2 million, 3 million, but on our side we haven’t heard anything as of yet,” said Bute’s trainer Stephan Larouche.

“We know our rematch with Carl Frosch has been postponed,” Bute told Fightnews, “I felt it was the right time to do a rematch in the fall was better timing. I made it known that if that didn’t I would like to fight Jean Pascal in the fall.”

For his part Yvon Michel issued a tweet that he is still analyzing the situation and will do what is best for everybody. Pascal was originally to have met Chad Dawson on the May date in a rematch of their 2010 date in which Pascal handed Dawson his first defeat.

“Lucian and I met about two weeks ago,” Larouche told FightNews this morning. “He told me that if I’m not having the rematch with Carl Froch in the fall, I think we should fight Jean Pascal after his Dawson fight. This is what Lucian told me. He told me tell (Interbox President) Jean Bedard I want to fight Carl Froch in the fall and if you feel it’s going to be complicated, we can try to do Jean Pascal. If you’re hearing about money now, Lucian did not speak a word to Jean Bedard about this fight. He’s said it before, he’s never fought for the money, he’s looking for fights that are good for him and good for the fans.

As for the sudden announcement that the fight would suddenly be replacing Dawson-Pascal in May, Larouche responded, “This is not what we requested, but if Jean wants to step aside from Chad Dawson and fight Lucian, this is his call because we asked to fight in the fall. Lucian said to wish Jean Pascal luck with his fight with Dawson and that I hope he does well and that he’d fight in the fall. That was our plan. If it goes faster, this is not our side. If you hear about money, this is not our side. Lucian is ready anytime, but we never said we wanted to do anything now, but we said we’re ready anytime.”

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