Daley looking to pass Hall

By Dave Spencer
Photo Dani Graham

Monday marks the beginning of the work week for most, and for undefeated Denton Daley (8-0 5KO), his workday is expected to be busier than most to start the week as the cruiserweight prospect battles Richard Hall (30-11 28KO) for the vacant NABF title at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto tonight. "I know it's Monday which is weird, but today is feeling just like a Friday for me, and tomorrow will feel like Saturday." Daley told FightNews about the rare Monday night clash put on by Bullion Boxing that is part convention and part fundraiser. The four bout card is an annual affair put on as part of a national miners convention held in the Ontario Capital and raises money for "Right to Play", a charity centred around underprivileged youth in Africa.

It is a step up for thirty year-old Daley who has been moving through the ranks quickly since turning pro three years ago and fights for his first championship title belt. "I'm very glad of the opportunity for sure," said Daley about his first scheduled ten-rounder. "The Canadian title is still something I want to pursue just by the fact that I'm Canadian and for as long as I've been involved in boxing, it would be an accomplishment for me, but the NABF certainly has a bit more prestige means a lot more on a bigger scale so I'm definitely glad to fight for this opportunity."

A three time world title challenger and former WBA interim belt holder, Hall who is now 41 certainly boasts an impressive resume being in with several world champions and blue chip prospects. Hall may have faded since his prime where he was fighting a Roy Jones or Dariusz Michalczewski in their primes, but he has proven to put an end to others dreams who viewed him merely as a stepping stone. Hall stepped in and stopped comeback attempts by former champions O'Neil Bell and Byron Mitchell by stoppage on opponents who were both attempting comebacks after lengthy absences from the ring. "I'm very aware of Richard and what he brings," said the Ontario fighter. "He's a guy who likes to fight and his adrenal gets going as he's getting hit, the kind of guy who doesn't back down when he's hit and always bring the best out of you. He's a warrior and I have a lot of respect for the guy. He's fought a lot of fights and fought a lot of good guys, a slick tall southpaw so I'm looking for him to bring out the best in me as well."

Fighting a lefty is something that Daley hasn't done a lot but something that isn't fazing him going into Monday's fight. "I don't have a lot of experience fighting southpaws," Daley admits before adding, "I've been in the ring though with a lot of tough guys, and at the end of the day, a fight's a fight. You've got to move from the punch, wherever the punch is coming from, you got to be alert and you got to be ready for it. It's not going to be something that matters to me once I step into the ring. A fight's a fight and you have to defend every punch and counter-attack everything."

As far as predictions go, Daley says he is ready for all ten and ready for anything. "I just show up. If it goes thirty seconds I'm happy and if it goes ten rounds, I'm fine. I approach every fight to go the distance. I don't look very any knockouts but when I do see a weakness or a hole, I go after it and I'll take it. With a guy like Richard Hall you want to take what take what is given you and take what opportunities are presented to you."

Daley if successful is scheduled to appear again June 1st in Mississauga and the cruiserweight knows staying active in what his promoters believe will be a very active division in the months ahead. "My promoter Don MacDonald is doing a great job right now in getting me the right fights in moving my career forward. Every step has moved me forward in the rankings and I haven't taken a step back. Right now the focus is to get some fights in. I only have eight fights at this point and I'm going to need a lot more as I move forward to a world title. We just want to get a few more fights under us, that's the main plan this year, to get some fights under my belt."