Jean: I'm expecting a late knockout

By Matt Casavant

Jr. Welterweight contender Dierry Jean (23-0, 15KOs) will be back in action Saturday night at the Hilton Lac Lemay Casino in Gatineau versus Juan Jesus Rivera (25-9-,16KOs). Jean was scheduled to face veteran Cosme Rivera but visa issues forced Jesus Rivera to come in as a late replacement. caught up with the Canadian product Jean earlier this week, as he discussed preparations for his fight versus Rivera as well as discussing his future plans that could include a WBA Interim title shot in April.

Fightnews: Does the last minute change of opponent bother you at all?

Dierry: No it doesn’t bother me at all, I got use to it. Last time I was suppose to fight him and we switch to Tyner and it went well. I’m the type of boxer who can adjust my style to anyone. I watched him (Juan Jesus Rivera) a bit and it’s no big deal. He’s a little bit wild and I’ll use that to my advantage.

Fightnews: How much do you know about Juan Jesus Rivera, have you seen any tapes of him?

Dierry: I saw his fight against Rodrigo Garcia, he lost by UD. Garcia did well, he outboxed him. Jesus is a little bit wild; he’s the type of boxer who’s too slow for me.

Fightnews: Because Rivera is a slow guy and an aggressive fighter; will the game plan focus towards counterpunching?

Dierry: Yes counter punch him. In the later rounds he will become a little slower and that’s when I’m going to punish him.

Fightnews:  How was your preparation going into this fight?

Dierry: I’ve been in the gym for like 3 months for this fight. (In sparring) We put the gloves against tall guys, we kept moving and when they attacked, we made them pay after.

Fightnews: Is the goal for you to get a title fight by the end of 2013?

Dierry: For sure, maybe a title fight in April. I was supposed to fight for a title, but it was cancelled. I was supposed to fight in New York for the WBA interim title. The fight has been pushed back for April 19th I think. That’s why we took a fight February 16th and then in April we take the WBA World Championship Interim title fight vs Vicente Mosquera.

Fightnews: What’s the outcome you want to see Saturday night?

Dierry: Of course a fighter they’re always thinking about a knockout. Maybe the knockout will come; I’m expecting a late knockout. He’s going to be slower at the end after rounds 5, 6, 7, I’m going to punish him so bad, he will quit or I’ll knock him out. He has 9 losses and he’s been knocked out 5 times, so why not a 6th time?

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