Lemieux keeps mowing them down
Middleweight is must see material

By Dave Spencer

Another heat seeking missile delivered. Another seek and destroy mission completed. Middleweight David Lemieux may or may not end up being what his promoters say he is going to be, but there is no denying the excitement he brings each and every time he steps in to the ring. Naysayers will point to the lack of results when he is brought past, umm, let's say about the second round at this point, but that would be like film critics who like to point out plot inaccuracies in a James Bond film, better to just go along for the ride and enjoy the show.

Right now fans are experiencing casino like excitement with the 23 year-old fighter, being asked to bet red or black each time he steps into the ring, but despite opponents being advertised as the one who might be able to be the one to finally give the Kamikaze Kid some vital rounds, Lemieux continues to bring the roulette wheel to a screeching halt long before anybody can make an accurate read on the powerhouse.

But even Mike Tyson had who began his career with 18 straight early knockouts, had his share of guys like James Tillis and Mitch Green to push him the distance before he was crowned champion.

Right now Lemieux will tell you that his work in the gym has made him ready for twelve, and if he has a chance to clock out early, he is going to take it. "Let's say you go the office and your boss says there's no more work and you can leave at 10 o'clock, are you going to tell him no, I want to work till five?" Lemieux told the assembled media Friday night after his second round destuction of Albert Ayrapetyan. "I'm not disappointed in not doing many rounds, I've been doing many rounds in the gym, if I had to have done those rounds tonight, I would have done them with explosive power and a great performance. When the time comes for me to do some rounds, I'll be ready for it."

That time may very well come in February, when Lemieux headlines on ESPN Friday Night Fights against Jose Miguel Torres (26-5 23KO). The Colombian goes into the ring as the smaller fighter, having fought at the welterweight limit last year and at 150 pounds in his second to last fight. But he did capture the NABF middleweight title against then undefeated 17-0 Patrick Majewski and has never been stopped in any of his losses.

Promoter Yvon Michel dangles such carrots as Sergio Martinez in 2014 but to this point the fighter has not reached the level of Marco Antonio Rubio, or for that matter, Joachim Alcine. Say what you want about Alcine and his perceived lack of a chin, fact his all three of his knockout losses came against world champions or challengers. Try as he did and despite all the news and hype about a new team and new dedication at the time, Lemeiux couldn't knock down the smaller older fighter and was drowned when the fight moved to deeper waters.

Alcine was "accused" of fighting the fight of his life, but the party that Lemieux is still trying to secure an invitation to, you should expect nothing less from an opponent.
There's no denying, the Laval middleweight certainly looked spectacular Friday, never better according to promoter Yvon Michel. “He’s really improving,” said Michel after Friday’s show. “It’s the first fight I’ve seen him really organized in the ring. He knew what to do, his punches were short, his defence was sharp. He was not running after him, he was cutting the ring properly and he was not wasting his punches. He has all the tools and all the attitude to be a huge international star.”

High praise, but praise that echoes the sentiment going into the Rubio fight where all were told he was on the doorstep of HBO.

If he gets by Torres in February, he’ll be virtually in the same place he was two years ago, most likely in the top 15 and facing a significant fight. A new journey from almost the same starting point. It promises to be a hell of a ride, one not to be missed.