Mansour ready to make some noise
I have Bermaine on my resume, he doesn't have me on his

By Dave Spencer

So I’m guessing that you’re pretty happy with a chance to fight in your hometown

Mansour: The fact that this happening here, even if I was 60 years old I would be good with it. It’s happening in my backyard, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

FightNews: I know you’ve fought across the river before in Detroit, how different is to be actually fighting in Windsor?

Mansour: I’ve never actually fought in backyard, even as an amateur. This one here is about two minutes away, so it’s right there. The tickets are all sold to high-end people in the town, doctors, the big shots trying to raise money for the Kidney Foundation, they sold the tables at a really high rate, so it’s not going to be your average people coming to watch. It’s going to be good.

FightNews: Two minutes? Are you going to walk to the show?

Mansour: No (laughing) it’s probably a five or ten minute drive. But I probably could walk from my gym or shop where I work.

FightNews: That could have been a first in boxing, a feature heavyweight walking to his own fight

Mansour: That would be good (laughing)

FightNews: Are there any expectations from you after this fight, where it might lead.

Mansour: As I said, I fighting this one, hopefully I can stay busy after. It depends on how I look and how I perform; it’s been three years so I personally don’t know how I’ll perform. We’ll see how it goes and after that decide what to do next. I’d like to fight the dude from Toronto, if it happens, Neven, he’s a tough dude, in shape and I’d like to crack him down, ‘No Surrender” we’ll see what’s up with that and take it from there. If I clear up the area here, we’ll see.

I’m 33 right now, there’s a couple more years in there. So maybe if the right people catch me at this time, there might be a little shot there. Bermaine Stiverne is fighting Areola for a shot at Klitschko. That’s a guy I beat up in the amateurs with no problem, more than one time. These guys are up there, but they stuck to it, I did not, this is the difference. Right now since major people are showing up at this if I perform good maybe somebody will become interested. 

FightNews: What’s the feeling of seeing someone you beat get so close?

Mansour: Bermaine stuck to the game and got behind the right people, that’s all I can tell you. With the right people behind you, they’ll get you into the rankings of the top ten they’ll get you a shot at the IBF, NABF or whatever titles that are out there. You have to have the right people behind you. Bermaine went with Don King back in the day and he stuck with it, he had a loss on his record and he stuck with it, and now it’s time to collect. We both know the game, there’s tons of guys way better or deserve the shot more but the right people can get you there with the right opponent.

I’m happy for the guy though, don’t get me wrong, he’s from our country and I wish him the best. Hopefully he beats him up and beats Klitschko up and he’s world champion. Then I can say I beat this guy, I beat him at 2004 Nationals, with no problems. He’s on my resume buddy, I’m not his.

FightNews: If he makes it that far you’re going to have to follow him around to every press conference and show him the tape.

Mansour: I’ll challenge him down the road. You never know. I beat you, you want your revenge back? (laughing) But I need to get into those double digits into fights. You can’t do nothing with 8-0 or 9-0. I have to be at least 15-0, 16-0 and then have somebody throw me into a big fight because I know I can fight. I just need the time and have somebody support me so I can train fully. All these guys are training 24/7, I don’t do that, I have a business to run, I have a family to run and boxing is a gamble. You go in and have a detached retina, you’re fucked, you’re unemployed, you’re on the line. This is how it is, me, I played it safe, I built my empire here for business and all that.

When I was fighting, I was hungry, I was hungry all the time, I couldn’t pay my bills, I had to work, train, work, train. It was so hard because I had to train two or three times a day and the go to work, just to pay the bills. I chose work and thank God I did good to myself, after 3 or 4 years I built up a little empire and pay all my bills, I don’t need anybody. I sponsor myself and pay for everything from my own pocket. But when I’m away my business suffers, it’s a lot of money, it’s not even worth it. If I take a month off to train properly for a fight, I lose way more than I ever would get for a fight. 

FightNews: That’s more of a gamble than boxing. That’s you’re livelihood you’re risking.

Mansour: It’s not a career to me now. It’s more of a hobby that I do, but at the same time, I got what it takes to make some noise. If somebody is willing to work with me and get the fights, and put me on a show, pay for my opponent, I’m basically willing to fight for free. I’ll beat the guys; you just pay for the guys. I can’t train, fight for free and pay for my opponent though. This is what made me stop boxing to be honest with you. Is this what boxing is now? If that’s it I don’t want to fight no more. This is what discouraged me and took me out of the game.

FightNews: I’m surprised they don’t charge you for a ticket if you stick around and watch the main event.

Mansour: Do you believe this? Do go a change for a whole bunch of cars at work, it’s more honourable. Boxing is not the sport I though it was. I see boxers taken care of down there in Montreal but they’re in their early twenties and have ten years ahead of them. I don’t have that. I understand that concept. I gotta do what I gotta do and right now I’m doing them my way, so we’ll see how it goes.