Ntetu remains undefeated


The two light-heavyweights boxers didn’t waste much time studying each other, getting the action started from the opening bell.  In the first round, the Manitoban connected to the jaw with a good left hook, but Francy Ntetu (9-0-0, 3 KO’s) is undeterred and continues his attack.

The local favorite took control of the fight from the second round. Ntetu was more aggressive and regularly doubling up his jab, dominating the action against Walchuk. In the fourth round, Michael Walchuck (9-8-0, 2 KOs), is shaken by the hooks delivered by Ntetu.

After being shaken after a right to the ear, Walchuck drops to one knee. Ntetu pounces on the opportunity not allowing his opponent to recover and forcing the referee to stop the bout at 2: 11 of the fifth.

This is a major victory for the protege of Michel Desgagné. While we expected a decision, Ntetu was able to be aggressive at the right time. The victory and the way Ntetu executed it should makes things easier for boxing and organizers in the area and the next event planned in May.

Post-fight comments

“My last fight against Hyppolite (Schiller) made me grow. This time, I prepared for the KO, I’m glad I took my time. In the fourth, I felt that I had him hurt and I was determined to finish it. Pierre Bouchard’s advice helped me to put good shots get a KO. We are planning a second gala in May. I do not know my opponent, but I’m open to face Hyppolite, but I’d like to make it 8 or 10 rounds. “

Maduma scores 8th KO

In the first round, the of reach Gyorgy Mizsei Jr. (10-3-0, 6 KOs) forced Ghislain Maduma (12-0-0, 8 KOs) to box at a distance, but it did not prevent him from using his speed reach the target.

In the second round, Maduma worked diligently to find a way to consistently reach his rival. The Hungarian soon realized that it was better to protect himself and stay away to last as long as possible.

In the third round, Maduma was reaching the target more and more often, his combinations, especially with his left hook to the head, being successful.

Mizseli had a hard time keeping up the pace, his knees bucking at the end of the fourth, and finding himself on the floor to start the fifth. Maduma continued to unleash his barrage, keeping up the pressure to attempt to finish things. Finally, a third knockdown at 1 min 30 fifth round ends the contest.

The boxer just 19 years old helped raised the reputation of Hungarians in the boxing world of Quebec. If his counterparts had half his courage and determination, we would have had many more competitive fights.

The next challenge for the Mike Moffa protege will take place at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto on March 4. In a fight for the WBC Continental Americas, “Mani” will have the opportunity to improve his 26th ranking in the WBC.

Post-fight comments

“I am very satisfied with my fight, I watched videos of him and I knew what to expect. This is a very good preparation for my next fight in Toronto. He was a brave fighter, I saw that I was hurting him, but he came back every time I even thought his corner might call it. “

Gonzalez successful pro debut

Curtain-raiser John Alejandro Gonzalez took his time in the first round, but managed to put a few shots to the delight of the crowd. The beginning of the second round is in favor of Michel Tsalla beginning, but gradually the hometown fighter gets back into the fight. Advised in his corner by Pierre Bouchard and his coaches and Michel Hubert and Malaison Desgagné, Gonzalez was able to make the necessary to win his first fight as a pro. After four rounds, the three judges handed out cards 40-36, 38-38, 40-36 in favour of Gonzalez.